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Sun, Jun. 13th, 2004, 02:07 am
Long time no see.

Don't worry, I'm still alive. Life just threw me a huge curve recently so I've been out for a while.

News (that I have yet to post on the website -- bad julie!):

- I graduated (yay!)
- I'm going to Berklee (yay!!)
- I just recorded 4 songs in the studio (yay!!!)

I had a lot of fun in the studio with these songs. Hard work, but it just amazed me to see how much I've grown -- all these songs are pretty different from each other. One song has a godsmack-vibe to it (co-written with my freind Rick), another one has a jazz vibe (I used to HATE jazz!), Another one kinda sounds like Sheryl Crow's 'Soak up the Sun', and the last one is just a fun song I made up at camp with a fun marching band kinda beat to it, thanks to the awesome drummer dude, Anthony.

I'm also trying to get ready to be out on my own -- needs to happen soon. I think when you're 24 you gotta be independent as far as insurance and all that stuff. Right now I'm 22, and it's totally possible I'll be going insane with real life stuff while I'm in Berklee.

To prep. for Berklee I'm doing lots of workshops, some @ Berklee, one @ Common Ground on the hill. Gonna learn the theory stuff, playing stuff, recording stuff. I'm really excited about 2 classes I'm gonna end up taking: Hawaiian guitar and Icelandic Singing. Really hoping to widen my musical taste, abilities and everything.

It's late, and I go mix my songs on monday in the studio, so I'm gonna go. Hope you guys are doing well and having awesome summers!

Sun, Jun. 27th, 2004 01:02 am (UTC)