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Julie Unpronounceable

Life of a Singer/Songwriter experiencing her own brand of life

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Avid music fan & Musician. This is my Online Journal for fans (and non) to check out my musical endeavors and life.

About me:

I'm almost out of school, looking to be on my way to Berklee College of Music to get those creative musical gears, umm, used. I've been making up dumb songs in my head pretty much my whole life. When I got to High School, I took guitar lessons (by default; I really wanted to be a drummer and mom said 'no' cuz it was too loud. It's all good, though, I have a horrible sense of rhythm.), and began writing seriously. I've gotten a lot of good feedback on my stuff, and although sharing that and performing scares the shit out of me, I plan to keep on doing it. Thanks to everyone so much for your support!!


What do you sound like?

You tell me. I have MP3's on my site, so classify away, because I have no idea what to call that.

Is Julie Unpronounceable REALLY your name?

Yes. If you believe me let me know.

Why should I listen to you?

Because everyone else is doing it!! Peer pressure!

If you had a mascot, what would it be?

A monkey. Check out the back cover of 'Prelude to Debut' (c)2000

Why do you have a FAQ list if no one's ever asked you a question on it?

Because Say hi to your mom did it, and they're genius. Unfortunately, they got rid of it once they got signed and representation -- damn corporate people!! Arrr!!! (Visit their site @ www.sayhitoyourmom.com anyway)

Feel free to comment or e-mail, people rock! I love getting to know other people. And if you're a musician yourself, I wanna hear your stuff!